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Terms & Conditions

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Admission Minimum age

The minimum age for our adult courses is 18. In certain circumstances we may accept under 18-year-olds on our adult programmes, however, not younger than 16.
We accept children aged 11 to 17 to our Easter and Summer Keen Teen Courses and children aged 6 to 10 to our Easter and Summer Cool Kids Courses. We also accept internal Ministay groups of different ages throughout the year.
Minors will only be enrolled on a course if their parents/legal guardians have completed and signed a Parental Consent form. By signing this form parents acknowledge that their child will be studying in an adult centre and that The Slaney Language Centre is not legally responsible for the child.

Course level

We offer classes from Elementary (A1) to Advanced (C1) level. A1 and A2 students, A2 and B1 students, B1 and B2 students or B2 and C1 students may be in the same learner group.

Please note that we do not accept absolute beginners. We do not have suitable courses for beginner students and The Slaney Language Centre reserves the right to refuse or cancel an enrolment if a student is at a beginner level of English.


Most courses consist of 20 tuition lessons, 45 minutes each (15 full hours). Course always start on a Monday and finish on a Friday. It is not possible to start a course during the week. During busy times, classes will run in both morning and afternoon.

Classes for Ministay groups usually take place in the afternoons. The number of classes for Ministay groups are agreed on with the organiser of the group in advance.

Course Fees

Course fees include tuition, placement test, student induction, WIFI, and end of course certificate (including a progress report for long term students). A course registration fee of €75 is applicable to all courses. The cost for the course book is €50. If students move up a level, a new course book must be bought.

All fees must be paid in full prior to the student’s arrival.


All accommodation bookings with The Slaney Language Centre are subject to an accommodation placement fee of €30. In summer Arrival and Departure days must be Sundays.

The Slaney Language Centre cannot guarantee availability in the chosen accommodation if the student arrives on a different date.

A supplement of €50 per week will apply to students who are accommodated in a host family over the Christmas holidays (3 weeks). Accommodation availability during this period is very limited and cannot be guaranteed. Please contact the school directly for full details of host family availability over this period. In case the school does not have any host family availability any accommodation fees will be refunded.

Accommodation is always subject to availability and cannot always be guaranteed. Once accommodation is confirmed we can only guarantee a place for the duration and the dates initially booked, i.e., The Slaney Language Centre cannot guarantee accommodation if the student changes the dates of his/her course or if the student decides to extend the stay.

Student requests related to accommodation will always be taken into consideration, and our accommodation team will do their best to meet them. Accommodation within close proximity to the school or rooms with private bathroom are very limited and cannot be guaranteed.

Homestay accommodation require compliance with a set of guidelines set out by The Slaney Language Centre and the host families. For further details, please contact the school.


Non-EEA students should contact their local Irish Embassy for visa requirements. The Slaney Language Centre cannot give any guarantees for successful visa applications.

Required documents to apply for a student visa will only be sent once full payment has been received.

Non-EEA students enrolled in the Academic Year Programme, who need to register with the GNIB (Garda National Immigration Bureau) once in Ireland, must be aware of the following:

It is the student’s/Educational Tour Operator’s (ETO’s) responsibility to book an appointment with the GNIB to process the visa accordingly before the expiry of the entry visa. The Slaney Language Centre provides guidance and support with any visa-related questions, but the school does not book appointments for students.

•    It is the student’s/ETO’s responsibility to provide the school with all necessary and updated personal student information for a timely and correct provision of student and visa documents.

•    It is the student’s responsibility to keep these documents in a safe place.

•    If the date and time of the GNIB appointment overlaps with class time, the student must inform the school to be excused from class.

•    The student commits to meeting all immigration requirements, such as keeping good attendance rates and siting the end-of-course exit exam. The end-of-course exit exam fee is non-refundable.


IMPORTANT: Students who need to apply for a visa before entering Ireland should not start their course in November or December (and neither in June or July 2024). Please contact the school for the academic calendar and more information on the dates.


All students are advised to take out private medical insurance. Non-EU students can purchase medical insurance through The Slaney Language Centre. Insurance is provided through a third-party company and any claims need to be made by the student (insurance holder) to the insurance company directly. The Slaney Language Centre is not part of any claim application process.

Students from the EU should travel to Ireland with their European Health Insurance Card to cover public medical care.

Non-EU students must purchase Learner Protection Insurance with The Slaney Language Centre.

Enrolment Dates

New students should refer to their enrolment confirmation / invoice for course and accommodation dates. Students can only start on Mondays (or Tuesday in case of a bank holiday Monday).

Continuity of Enrolment

Enrolment of a current student will be terminated if:

•    The student or their ETO notifies The Slaney Language Centre of his/her wish to terminate their enrolment;

•    The student withdraws from their nominated course;

•    The Slaney Language Centre terminates the student’s enrolment or suspends or excludes the student in accordance with the provisions of our Policies and Procedures; Or

•    The student has completed all course requirements.

Refusal and Cancellation of Enrolment

The Slaney Language Centre may cancel an enrolment, refuse to enrol, or refuse to re-enrol a person/ student for the following reasons:

•    Beginner level of English

•    Misconduct (refer to the section on Code of Behaviour);

•    Failure to satisfy the minimum academic requirements for courses chosen; •       Failure to arrive on the commencement date;

•    The student has gained admission by misrepresentation, falsification of documents or other fraudulent means;

•    Failure to fulfil the normal admission or enrolment requirements; •        Non-payment of tuition fees and/or accommodation fees;

•    Cancellation of a student’s visa;

•    Non-attendance or consistently low attendance;

•    Other reasons as deemed by the school’s management.

Medical & Special Educational Needs

It is the student’s responsibility to notify The Slaney Language Centre of any sickness, disability, allergy, mental health condition, special educational needs, or any other relevant medical information that might affect the student’s stay at The Slaney Language Centre. Students must provide an up-to-date medical form at the time of booking and inform the school of any subsequent changes.

Pricing Policy

The Slaney Language Centre is committed to a fair competition policy between partners selling The Slaney Language Centre courses in the market. We insist on partners promoting and selling at the prices advertised by The Slaney Language Centre.

The Slaney Language Centre will advise the partner ETO of any misuse of our pricing policy as unfair competition in the market. This may also result in the reduction of the ETO discount or the termination of the partnership agreement.


A booking deposit of €200 is required to confirm the booking. This is a part payment of the fee.

The balance of all course fees should be paid in full at least 30 days prior to the student commencing their course. The Slaney Language Centre has partnered with TransferMate to make international payments for ETOs / Non-Eu students safe and easy.

For non-EEA students who require a visa before entering Ireland:

For visa required students, payment must be made at least 30 days before the course commences so we can prepare the student visa documents. Please note that some visa applications need to be made several months in advance, and the payment must be made accordingly. Students or their ETOs are responsible for applying for a student visa well in advance to make sure the visa will be granted and received before the student’s departure. Failure to comply may result in postponement or cancellation charges.

Acceptance letters are only issued after full payment is received by The Slaney Language Centre.

Please note in accordance with Irish immigration law your payment will be held in an escrow-type account until your visa application has been approved.

We have partnered with TransferMate to provide this service, please see below.


TransferMate is an easy-to-use online system which offers a fast and secure way to pay fees at no cost to the payer. International Bank Transfer Fees are eliminated, and payments can be processed, and receipts issued within 48 hours. There is a 24-hour customer support service available via live chat, skype, phone and email.

Once funds are received by TransferMate, the payment is immediately transferred to the receiver’s account from the local TransferMate account in their home country.

For EU students and non-EU students who do not require a visa to enter Ireland

ETOs / Students can pay through TransferMate without the option of credit/debit card payment. Other payment options for students and ETOs include electronic bank transfers or online payment with credit cards from our website (stripe).

Please note ETO discounts should be deducted before the payment is made.

Cancellation Policy Course Cancellation

Courses are not transferable. Tuition fees are non-refundable once a student has commenced their course. If a student cancels their course more than 7 days before the course commences, all fees minus the €200 booking deposit will be refunded.

If a student cancels their course less than 7 days before the course commences, no refund will be made.

In the event of a group booking cancellation less than 3 weeks but more than 7 days before the course commences, fees will be refunded minus a 10% cancellation charge. 50% cancellation fee applies to cancellations less than 7 days before the course commences.

There is a €30 charge on refunds by bank transfer to non-EU bank accounts.

The mentioned penalties will be charged without exceptions, also in the case of visa refusals.

Putting course on hold

In exceptional cases, a course can be put on hold for up to 12 months after the date the student was registered. There will be no extra charge or increase in fees if the school is notified at least 30 days in advance of the course start.

If a course is postponed less than 30 days in advance of the course start date a postponement fee of €75 will be charged. This fee will be charged without exceptions, also in the case of visa refusals. Please contact the school for further details.

Depending on the new course dates, please note that the Summer Supplement may apply.

If a course is postponed for more than 12 months from the date the student was registered, the regular cancellation fees apply and the booking will be treated as a new booking, i.e. new fees (course, accommodation, registration and placement fees, insurance, and exam fee) will apply, if applicable.

Postponed courses are not eligible for promotions running at the time of postponement, but the original fees apply.

If a course with a past promotion is postponed in line with the postponement periods, and part(s) of the promotion are not available anymore, the student can make use of any promotion that may currently be on offer or request a refund.

Accommodation Cancellation



  1. a) If homestay accommodation is cancelled more than 30 days before arrival, all accommodation fees be refund
  2. b) If homestay accommodation is cancelled less than 30 days but more than 7 days before arrival, all accommodation fees will be refunded except for the accommodation placement fee.
  3. c) If homestay accommodation is cancelled less than 7 days before arrival, all accommodation fees will be refunded except for the accommodation placement fee and one week’s accommodation.
  4. d) If homestay accommodation is postponed less than 7 days before arrival, the student will be charged for one week’s accommodation. For students starting in the first course day in a new year, all changes must be done at least 7 days before the winter holidays start, otherwise this penalty will be charged accordingly.


  1. a) The first 4 weeks of a host family booking cannot be cancelled. After that a booked host family stay can be cancelled if the school receives notification 3 weeks in advance. A refund can be given for the outstanding weeks that the family was booked for.

All the penalties mentioned above will be charged without exceptions, also in the case of visa refusal or delays.

Airport Pickup Cancellation

If a student does not arrive at the airport due to a cancelled or missed flight without notifying The Slaney Language Centre, no refund of the airport pickup fees can be made.

Holiday Policy

Holidays can only be taken in one-week blocks (Monday-Friday only). Students must notify the Office in writing or by email in advance of their intended holiday. Please note that holidays must always be booked at least one week in advance, i.e. holidays will not be granted after the week has already begun.

Holiday Policy for short-term (less than 25 weeks) students on courses of 12 weeks or less:

Generally, no holidays are allowed for students who are studying on courses that are less than 12 weeks.

Students studying on courses from 12 to 24 weeks:

One week’s holiday is allowed for students who are studying on courses from 12 to 24 weeks. To request a holiday, the student must send an email to at least one week before they would like to take the holiday. This request will be logged on the school online system.

Holiday Policy for long-term (25 weeks) students:

An Academic Year course lasts for 25 weeks after which students are entitled to take up to 8 weeks holiday before their visa expires. Normally, Academic Year holidays are taken AFTER a student finishes their course.

If students stay during the winter holidays, these three weeks of holidays are included in the 10 weeks of holidays, i.e. students only have 7 weeks of holidays after finishing their course. Also, these three weeks of winter holidays do not need to be booked but are booked by default since the school will remain closed during this period. In 2024 the same applies to the 3 weeks from 29 July to 16 August during which The Slaney Language Centre will remain closed.

In the exceptional case where a long-term non-EEA student wishes to take holidays during their course, this holiday period must be requested BEFORE starting their programme and/or registering with GNIB. In addition, holiday periods cannot at any point exceed 1/3 of the total weeks elapsed. This means that students need to have completed 9 weeks of their course before they can take holidays for the first time.

After 9 weeks they can then take up to 3 weeks of holidays as they need to have studied 3 weeks for each week, they want to take the holiday.

For Academic reasons students need to have 4 weeks of their course remaining, i.e. cannot take holidays in their final 4 weeks.

Early return from holidays is subject to availability of places in the school / class.


These Terms and Conditions must be read in conjunction with our Covid-19 School Safety Protocols.

If the school needs to close due to Covid-19, or for an extended period for any other reason, course continuation will be provided online.

If a student decides to return to their home country and is unable to take online classes, we issue a credit note in the student’s name, which is valid for 12 months from the date of departure. The student can return at any point before this date to complete their course. It will be required to inform The Slaney Language Centre in advance to check availability for the new study period. It will be the student’s responsibility to comply with any immigration requirements of the new stay in the State.

In case of a Covid-19 infection, students in The Slaney Language Centre accommodation may be asked to leave their host family. In these cases, The Slaney Language Centre will try their best to assist and find alternative accommodation. Any incurred additional costs must be covered by the student.

Further Conditions

•    Bookings are not confirmed until oficial enrolment confirmation is provided by The Slaney Language Centre and a booking deposit of €200 has been received.

•    Final registration and provision of pre-arrival information for each student are only confirmed upon receipt of full payment of fees.

•    The Slaney Language Centre does not accept responsibility for costs incurred due to flight delays or cancellations.

•    The Slaney Language Centre does not take responsibility for loss or theft of belongings.

•Refunds, partial refunds, or compensation of any kind will not be given for Public Holidays, for days missed during the course, for late arrival or early departure, days missed due to adverse weather conditions, acts of governments, interruption of electrical power, fire, floods, war, other natural disasters, disease outbreaks or other Acts of Gods.

During peak times classes may be held at additional premises and may run at different times. •    If a student wishes to return to their home country or take holidays elsewhere during the

term of their English Language Programme, they are free to do so, but no credit will be given for missed study time.

•If students are unable to attend lessons due to illness, these sick days will not be added to the end of the course period.

•Students will only be excused from class in case of illness or to attend their appointment at the immigration ofice. No other reasons will be taken into consideration and the student will be marked as absent. Under no circumstances the student will obtain credit or a refund for missed study time.

•Promotional Photographs and Videos: The Slaney Language Centre or its representatives may take photographs and videos of classes or other school activities during a student’s time with us, which may be used for promotional purposes. If students do not wish to appear in any promotional materials, they must advise us at the time of booking.

For educational purposes only, The Slaney Language Centre may record students in virtual classes. By booking a course students authorise and permit The Slaney Language Centre tomake recordings that include the student in the digital classroom and to use these recordings solely for educational purposes, such as the creation of a student or teacher portfolio, or for teacher self-reflection, without further consent from or payment to the student.

•Classes can be held in additional premises during busy times. The school is not wheelchair accessible.


Hola, soy Esteban Martínez, el responsable de programas en grupo y director de desarrollo en el Slaney Language Centre. Soy originario de Alicante (España), y estaré encantado de atender tus consultas en castellano. Mi dirección de email es, escríbeme para lo que sea. Saludos

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